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Infrastructure-Ongoing Projects

Surya River Bridge

Tarapur Industrial Area is located 105 Km from Mumbai & about 16.5 Km from Chillar Phata of Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway No.8. Chillar-Boisar road is the main approach to the industrial area. Chillar-Boisar road is two lane road having 7.5m wide carriage way. The Chillar-Boisar road crosses Surya & Hath river on which minor bridges are in existence. The bridge across Hath river was constructed in the year 1970. The present bridges on Surya & Hath river are of 2 lanes & old. Due to increased traffic , it is proposed by MIDC to construct new 4 lane major bridges across river Surya & Hath.

The work includes construction of new four lane bridges across river Surya & Hath as per drawing & design supplied by MIDC along with required connectivity from existing road to new bridges. It is proposed to construct four lane approach road for about a length of 470m at Surya site & service road at Hath site for about 380m & widening to existing two lane road into 4 lane road at Hath for about 170m.

Proposed length of Surya & Hath bridge is 150m & 45.8m respectively. New four lane bridge at Surya is proposed on upstream side of existing bridge where as new four lane bridge at Hath is at existing bridge location. Proposed bridge across Surya river is with 4 spans of 37.5m each with a total length of bridge to be 150m. Open foundation to be adopted for piers with rectangular wall type solid pier having inspection gallery at pier cap level for proper inspection & maintenance of the support bearings & deck slab of PSC box girder. The abutments to be supported on pile foundation. The superstructure geometry to have two divided carriage ways of two unidirectional lanes with a clear width of 7.5m. A central divider to be provided of 1.2m width & crash barriers on outer edges of both the carriageways. Footpath of 1.5m to be provided on both sides with GI railing on the extreme ends.